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1boy and 3 girls.
father: JCH Club JCH Jugendsieger Quentin Hannah Moravia (black), CMO 0, vWD3 N/N, patella 0/0

mother: JCH CH Club JCH CW Herrieth Belinda Majesco (black), CMO 0, vWD3 N/N

Khloe Sunshine Majesco, black female, reserved

Kiss Me Kyoto Majesco, black female, reserved

Kaya Ella Majesco- black female, sold

black boy died after 48 hours

Quentin Hannah Moravia
Herrieth Belinda Majesco

25.2.2022 new litter of 3 boys (black, dark brindle/brindle) and 1 female (black) was born.

Sire:  JCH CH INT BIS Calvin Majesco CW, CMO-O, vWD3 N/N

Dam: JCH CH Geraldine Daisy Majesco CW,  National Winner,  CMO-O, vWD3 N/N

Jazz and Soul Majesco brindle boy, sold Czech republic

Jam Session Majesco black boy, sold Germany 

Jesper Primus dark brindle boy, sold Czech republic 

Je t'aime Jeanette black female, sold Czech republic


Calvin Majesco
Geraldine Daisy Majesco
litter J

DOB: 7.7.2021

Sire:  Glengracie Mr Farenheit -  JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH CMKU, BIG 3  (CMO-0)

Dam: Fariela Fuori - Grand CH JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, Best adult female in breed repeat., BIS Puppy, European Future, (CMO-0, vWD3 N/N)

Ikaros Buster, brindle male - sold

Ids Guapo, brindle male - sold

Iriska Moonlight, black female - stay at home

Imola Zoe Majesco, brindle female - sold

litter I
Fariela Fuori
Glengracie Mr Farenheit


D.O.B.: 20.06.2021

Sire: JCH CH BIG 3 Glengracie Mr Farenheit (CMO 0)

Dam: CH My Be Gran Prix (vWD 3 N/N)

Charlie Walker black boy - sold

Chartus Eliah brindle boy - available  for sale

Chanson La Vie black female - sold

Charlotta Chilli brindle female - sold

Chersy a Dot black female - sold


litter CH
actual litters
Chartus Eliah Majesco for sale
Chartus Eliah Majesco for sale

All puppies have new owners.



New puppies arrived on 10th April 2020!

3 boys and 3 girls, all black

Father: Brueik ´s Super Hero by Berrybreeze

Mother: Fariela Fuori

 Our big thank belongs to Liz Bradley (kennel Brueik) and Clair Chapman (kennel Berrybreeze).


Highlander Kayden (yellow)

Hayden Leon (blue)

Halo Harry (green)


Herrieth Belinda (rose)

Hanele Ava (red)

Hariska Satin (white)


Hayden Leon Majesco
Hayden Leon Majesco
Hariska Satin Majesco
Hariska Satin Majesco
Halo Harry Majesco
Halo Harry Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Highlander Kayden Majesco
Highlander Kayden Majesco
Hanele Ava Majesco
Hanele Ava Majesco
litter H
Brueik ´s Super Hero By Berrybreeze
Fariela Fuori

2 boys and 2 girls were born on 14th February 2019. Nika selfwhelped all puppies very quickly in short time of two hours (between 4:45 and 6:15 o´clock). Her neonatal care of all newborn puppies was absolutelly proffessional and clear. She didn ´t need any human help to finish successfully her birth process. She showed us twice her strong natural instincts.

New litter
Calvin Majesco
My Be Gran Prix

19.1.2018 Arrived 3 girls and 1 boy. All black.

Father: Don Dexigo Majesco

Mother: April Majesco

pedigree of puppies
- soubor ke stažení (51 kB): Progeny-of-don-dexigo-majesco-and-april-majesco.pdf
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