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6.12.2014 Christmas Regional Terrier Show in Prague

Calvin Majesco - intermediate class, exc. 1, CC, Regional Winner
Don Dexigo Majesco - puppy class, very promissing 1
judge: Hana VojáčkováWe have to thank to all organizers who prepared this terrier show.



29.-30.11.2014 Winner show and Slovakia Cup, Nitra, Slovakia

29.11.2014 Calvin Majesco, intermediate class, exc. 1, CAC
Don Dexigo Majesco, puppy class, very promissing 1
judge Bauchal Gianfranco (Italy)
30.11.2014 Calvin Majesco, intermediate class, exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Don Dexigo Majesco, puppy class, very promissing 1, shortlisted in final BIS competitions (among best six puppies).

24.10.2014 Five newborns

3 females and 2 males black and brindle.

New champion in our kennel

Calvin Majesco is oficially registered as Junior champion of Czech republic

29.9.2014 We expect puppies in October

More informations in section "Puppies"

20.9.2014 HOT NEWS from Australia

Show success of Connor Mac Majesco (multiCH Cooper Hannah Moravia x Elis Wys-Tabasko)at Scottish Terrier Specialty, Melbourne. We send big congratulations to his owner Mrs Toline Haroutunian. Bravo Toli and Honza!

13.9.2014 Club Terrier show, Mlada Boleslav

Calvin Majesco - junior class, CAJC, CCJ, judge: Z. Kitliński (PL)
Our Bedy obtained all conditions for title Junior champion of Czech republic. We are grateful to Jaroslav Strnad, Petra and Roman Nemesszeghy as handlers.

7.9.2014 Regional Dog Show Horni Benesov

Don Dexigo Majesco - very promising puppy 1, judge: Mr Zdeněk Kliment.

24.8.2014 Calvin Majesco is registered as STUD DOG

Today our CALVIN MAJESCO (Cooper Hannah Moravia x Elis Wys-Tabasko) is officially registered as STUD DOG by national Terrier Breeders Club. Resume of Mrs Stursova,manager of Terrier Breed Club "Full dentition, perfect scissors bite, height at the withers 25cm, elegant young dog, excellent head, excellent topline, excellent structure and quality of coat"

21.8.2014 New photo of Don Dexigo Majesco

Time has flown so quickly and our benjamine Dexi has 5 months and one week now.

18.8.2014 New champions in our kennel

Three diplomas were delivered this week for our Ellie and little proffessor Bedy

5.8.- 9.8.2014 triple dog shows in Finland

World Terrier Show
April Majesco, champion class, excellent, judge: Heidi Hagen (NOR)
Calvin Majesco, junior class, excellent, judge: Laura Cox (IRL)Scottish terrier specialty
April Majesco, champion class, excellent, judge: Clair Chapman (UK)
Calvin Majesco, junior class, excellent, judge: Cindy Pettersson (SWE)World Terrier Show
April Majesco, champion class, excellent, judge: Giuseppe Alessandra (IT)
Calvin Majesco,junior class, excellent, judge: Torsten Himmrich (D)
Catrinka Majesco, junior class, excellent, judge: Giuseppe Alessandra (IT)

Nice meeting after show

We finished show day by friendly meeting with Scozias Look at Time aka Tom who is sire of Don Dexigo.

19.7.2014 National dog show Mlada Boleslav, Czech republic

Calvin Majesco - junior class, exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ. We are grateful to Mr Polehňa, terrier specialist for very nice critique. Photo after show with Don Dexigo.

4.7.2014 Terrier specialty Košice, Slovakia

Calvin Majesco, junior class, exc. 1, CAJC, Terrier specialty Winner. Judge Mrs Sissy Dollman, Austria. Our Bedy finished two champions - Junior champion of Slovakia and Club Junior champion of SKCHTaF this day.

21.6.2014 IDS Brno, Czech republic

April Majesco, resCAC, resCACIB
Calvin Majesco, exc. 2. Judge Mr Polehňa, Czech republic

28.6.2014 The 11th scottish party was held

Twelve scottish terriers and their owners met this Saturday. Our great thanks goes to organizers Mr and Mrs Hess from kennel Calla Bela.

11.6.2014 New photo of both brothers from litter D

We made the last photo of both brothers Don Dexigo and Dapper Dan. Don Dexigo stays as new member in our kennel and his brother Don Dexigo will live in the USA.

8.6.2014 Terrier Specialty Lanškroun, Czech republic

Calvin Majesco - junior class,exc. 1, CAJC, CCJ, Best junior, shortlisted BIS Junior in final competitions. We are grateful to terrier specialist Mrs Stursova and Mr Havelka final competitions.

30.5.-1.6.2014 triple dog shows in Slovakia

Our showing team April and Calvin Majesco took part at CVP Senec and double CACIB Nitra with great results.April Majesco - 2xres CAC, 1x res CACIB (shifted CACIB). Ada accomplished all conditions for title INTERCHAMPION!!Calvin Majesco 3x exc. 1, 2x CAJC, 2x Junior BOB, Grand Prix Junior Winner, Derby Junior Winner, nomination Crufts 2015We are grateful to all judges Mr Bucko Slovakia, Mrs Lapanja Slovenia and Mrs Kozlowska Poland for excellent critiques.

18.5.2014 Two boys from D-litter are two months old

Dapper Dan and Don Dexigo

4.5.2014 IDS Tampere, Finland

Catrinka Majesco KP, VSP, judge Cindy Pettersson. Thank you Brita and Elina for care!

3.5.2014 IDS Prague, Czech republic

April Majesco - champion class, CAC, CAC CMKU, res CACIB, judge Rainer Jacobs, Germany
Our Ada was exhibited the first time with her father Scozias look at Time in the same place and time. He won champion class too with titles CAC, CAC CMKU.

26.4.2014 Puppies already have 6 weeks

New photos added.

19.04.2014 Regional show Dětřichov

Calvin Majesco - Minor Puppy Class, very promissing 1, 4.-5. place Best Minor Puppy. Judge L. Ubrová

06.04.2014 Puppies after three weeks

Two black boys are doing very well.

15.03.2014 Newborns in kennel

Two black boys gave birth tonight. Their weight is 290g and 285g.

7.3.2014 Crufts

Few moments.

3.3.2014 We expect puppies

Date of whelping of puppies is in Mid March.

17.2.2014 New breeding plans for Spring 2014

More infos we will publish by starting March.

19.1.2014 Wintershow Trenčín, Slovakia

April Majesco - CAC, resCACIB
Calvin Majesco - very promissing puppy 1
Judge: R. Kanás, (SK)

11.1.2014 CACIB Nurnberg, Germany

April Majesco - CAC, CACIB, judge Mr. Kanás

21.9.2013 CAC Budapest, Hungary

Summer Folly Lucia`s Dream - exc. 1, CAC, BOS. Ellie accomplished all conditions for title Champion of Hungary!!

PF 2014

With best wishes Iva Nemeckova and scottish terriers Nero, Ellie, Bari, Ada and Bedy

13.-15.12.2013 KOIRA 2013 Helsinki, Finland

This one of the biggest dog shows in Europe held in Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre. More than 23.000 dogs were exhibited through three days marathon. On Sunday Scottish terier breed was exhibited in ring 26, Mr. Kumpumaki judged 14 dogs. Best male was Flippix Me and My Shadow (own. Jouini Pertulla) and best female was Quaint Nuez Moscado (own. and br. Reijo Portala). Excellent space, conditions, perfect organization and very warm people I met there. Big thanks to Christa Ahlbom and Reijo Portala for useful informations and time spending there.

10.12.2013 Vitamins every day..

Not only me who is fighting against influenza...

15.11.2013 New photos of puppies after three months

Our Connor Mac, Calvin, Cesare, Catrinka and Candy celebrated their three months birthdays two days ago. Now they enjoy a lot of fun every day in house and in the garden with other members of scottish pack.

19.10.2013 IDS Komárom, Hungary

April Majesco - CAC, CACIB, Cruft`s qualifications. Judge: Mayerné Görbics Anikó (H).

6.10.2013 Portraits of puppies

This photos found after our short meeting thanks to Rostislav Glogovsky (kennel Little Soulmate)as perfect photographer.

26.9.2013 Puppies in action


21.8.2013 Puppies have eight days.

New photos here.

18.8.2013 IDS Bratislava, Slovakia

Betty Majesco - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge: J. Kubala (SK)
Betty accomplished all conditions for title GRANDCHAMPION of Slovakia!! Huge congrats to owner Ján Rosina, Slovakia.

13.8.2013 C-litter

4 boys and 2 girls. All brindle/dark brindle.

19.7.2013 Puppies are coming!

FATHER: CH CZ/SK, JCH CZ/SK COOPER HANNAH MORAVIA (brindle), ClubCH CZ/SK, JClubCH CZ/SK, GRANDPRIX Slovakia Winner 2010, GRANDPRIX Slovakia Junior Winner 2009, Terrier Specialty Winner 2009, 2010, Junior Club Winner, Junior BIG IIMOTHER: Elis Wys-Tabasko (black)- Terrier Specialty Winner 2009, 2xBOS, 1x BOB, 2x CAC, 2x CWC, 2x CAJCExpected date of whelping 16.8.2013 PEDIGREE of puppies

6.-7.7.2013 amazing weekend IDS + NDS Velká Ida, Slovakia

Betty Majesco - champion class, 1xres CAC, 1x CAC, 1x res CACIB, 1x CACIB, 1x BOB and in final competitions BIG 1!!!! Big congrats to Ján Rosina, Slovakia

21.6.2013 Happy birthday to Betty, Brule and Bou