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We are very proud to be part of TOP 4 Scottish terriers in the Czech republic. 

Jazz and Soul Majesco TOP 2 male

Brueik Reach for the Stars TOP 4 male 

Don Dexigo Majesco TOP 3 male

Iriska Moonlight Majesco TOP 4 female

diploma TOP terrier
diploma TOP terrier
diploma TOP terrier
diploma TOP terrier
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

more informations soon

new litter

Very nice club show in friendly atmosphere and environment. And lovely meeting with Jana, Martin and the youngest female Ella Kaya Majesco (Quentin Hannah Moravia x Herrieth Belinda Majesco)

Brueik Reach for the Stars - junior class, exc.1, CCJ, Jeremiah finished Club junior champion of the KCHT!!!!

Iriska Moonlight Majesco - winner class, exc.1, CC

Kaya Ella Majesco - minor puppy class, very promissing 1


Adventure with no electricity and huge storm. Both days were fantastic thanks to our double team me and our professional handler Anet Nedavašková. Two days three dogs and fantastic results for:

Brueik Reach for the Stars - junior class, 2 Více... c. 1, CAJC, J-CACIB, Best junior, Crufts nomination

Jaz and Soul majesco - intermediate class, 2 Více... .1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, Alpensieger, Crufts nomination

Iriska Moonlight Majesco - champion class - 2 Více... c.1, CACA, CACIB, Alpensieger, Crufts nomination.


Iriska Moonlight Majesco
Jazz and Soul Majesco
Brueik Reach for the Stars

Another very important terrier show for our future with processing of the breeding certificate. 

Brueik Reach for the Star - junior class, CAJC, JBOB, CCJ, Junior Winner of the Specialty and BOS, Jeremiah accomplished all regulations of the Terriern Club and got breding certificate of the KCHT !!!!!!

Jazz and Soul Majesco - Jazz got breeding certificate too!!!!!!

iriska Moonlight Majesco - champion class, res CAC (CAC)

Don Dexigo Majesco - veteran class, CCV, Best veteran, Veteran Winner of the Specialty, Dexigo finished Veteran Club champion!!!!!

Our big thanks belong to young handler Ester Mihalekova who handled with big proffesionalism our dogs as in rings as in finals competitions. 

Another big thanks belong to family Olšovští for excellent care for our brindle boy Jazz.


Ester and Jeremiah
rosettes and prizes
Jazz and Soul Majesco

This weekend played main role our second youngest brindle male Jazz and Soul Majesco (INT CH JCH CW BIS Calvin Majesco x JCH CH CW Geraldine Daisy Majesco) owned by MUDr. Olšovský at International dog show INTERCANIS in Brno, where after winning his class and obtaining CAJC and Junior BOB he became junior Champion of the Czech republic!!!! 

Our CH iriska Moonlight Majesco continues successfully in her Czech tour with titles res CAC (CAC). A day in excellent company and atmosphere.

Jazz and Soul Majesco
judge critique
Jazz and Soul Majesco

Her name is Chanson la Vie Majesco "Chilli".

Sire: CH INT BIG Glengracie Mr Farenheit

Dam: CH My Be Gran Prix

Black female living in Slovakia is a new member of the breeding base of our kennel Majesco in cooperation with her owners family Ščasní. Chilli got breeding licence after excellent judging resume from specialist Mrs Gabriela Hajnová van Riuten (kennel Garex) at Club show of the SKCHTaF in Šamorín. 



Chanson la Vie Majesco

One of our favourite small dog show close our home where we regularly present and train our scottish terriers.

Today we took part with english boy Brueik Reach for the Stars aka Jeremiah who showed his socks beautifully and with "huge power in small package" to reach Class junior Winner and shortlisted BIS 6 Juniors of show 🥰

We are grateful for breed critics to judge specialist Ladislav Frnčo (CZ) and for final competitions to Anna Dzidt ( PL)


Jeremiah finals
Jeremiah in movement

Incredible and successful show weekend in Poland with our scottish terrier. Judges Anna Malecka, Agnieszka Nowak-Patyniak. 

Brueik Reach for the Stars - 2x exc.1, 2x junior class winner, 2x Best Opposite Sexe, 1x BOB!!!

Iriska Moonlight Majesco-2x exc.1, 2x champion class winner CWC, 2x Best adult female and 1 x BOB!!!

Brueik Reach for the Stars
Iriska Moonlight Majesco
with judge A. Malecka
Don Dexigo Majesco is officially awarded as Veteran champion of the Czech republic
Veteran champion diploma
11.3.2023 CRUFTS Birmingham, the United Kingdom
Don Dexigo Majesco 4th place - Reserve
Don Dexigo Majesco veteran class
Iriska Moonlight Majesco open class
Iriska Moonlight Majesco open class

Let us introduce new member of our show team Majesco. 
Jazz and Soul Majesco- brindle male, CMO 0, vWD3 N/N by parentage, patella 0/0

sire: multi CH INT BIS Club CH CW Calvin Majesco, CMO 0, vWD 3 N/N

dam: JCH CH National Winner JClub CH Geraldine Daisy Majesco, CMO 0, vWD 3 N/N

Jazz has breeding licence, he is available as stud after reaching 14 months. 




Jazz and Soul Majesco
Jazz and Soul Majesco

Another pleasant dog show where was occassion to compete our homebred scottish terriers. We are grateful to judge P. Řehánek for kind words about both dogs. 
JCH CH Iriska Moonlight Majesco- intermediate class, exc.1, CAC

Jazz and Soul Majesco (Calvin Majesco x Geraldine Daisy Majesco) junior class, exc.1, CAJC, Junior BOB

16.1.2023 new litter K
puppies K-litter
3.1.2023 We expect puppies

More info in the section "Puppies".

Merry Christmas and happy New Year

A lovely day to remember. Three girls in show ring, three winners and two new champions!!!!

Fariela Fuori, champion class, CAC, CACIB AND  GRAND champion of Slovakia

Geraldine Daisy Majesco, open class,  exc. 1, CAC AND champion of Slovakia

Herrieth Belinda Majesco, intermediate class, CAC , res CACIB

show results

International dog show Ceske Budejovice, judge: I. Nováková

Fariela Fuori, champion class: CAC

Herrieth Belinda Majesco, exc. 2

Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Fariela Fuori

 judge:  Jaroslav Strnad
Herrieth Belinda Majesco -  first time in intermediate class,  CC, CAC

club show medal
Beautiful sunny day with owners of our offsprings at club show
judge: Vladimíra Tichá
🌺 Geraldine Daisy Majesco- open class, exc.1, class winner.
❤️ Herrieth Belinda Majesco, junior class, exc1,class winner, CCJ,
🌸 Hariska Satin Majesco- junior class exc.2 ( owner Veronika Jarošová)
💙 Hayden Leon Majesco- junior class, exc.1, class winner, CCJ ( owner Libuše Landová )
Club show-from left: Hayden Leon Majesco, Geraldine Daisy Majesco, Herrieth Belinda Majesco, Hariska Satin Majesco,

more in section "Puppies"

litter J

Herrieth  Belinda Majesco, junior class, 2x V2

Geraldine  DaisyMajesco , open class 2xCAC, finishing champion of Czech republic

judges: J. Poulová, P. O Brien (IRL), 

Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Geraldine Daisy Majesco

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - open class, 2x CAC, 1x CC

Herrieth Belinda Majesco, junior class, 2x exc. 2, Herrieth got breding licence

judges: Alena Auerbach (CZ), Jens Ruck (A)

Daisy and Herrieth
judging of A. Auerbach
junior class
finals competitions

Both females took place in their classes with very nice critiques. Judges: Zdislaw Kitlinski (PL), Zuzana Szövényiová (SK)

Geraldine Daisy Majesco, 1x CAC, 1x VG 1, CC, BOB, Cassovia Winner

Herrieth Belinda Majesco 2x CAJC, 1x BOB, Cassovia Winner




Sunny day with our girls Geraldine Daisy Majesco, Herrieth Belinda Majesco and boys Gordiq Rey Majesco and Highlander Kayden Majesco.  All competed in their classes with nice results. We are thankfull judge specialist Mrs Vladimíra Tichá a owner of both boys Mrs Lucie Peterková for participation there.

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - interm class, CAC

Herrieth Belinda Majesco - junior class, CAJC, Best junior

Highlander Kayden Majesco - junior class, CAJC

Gordiq Rey Majesco - open class, CAC


Geraldine Daisy Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco

Herrieth Belinda Majesco - junior class, CAJC, JBOB

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - open class - exc.2

judge: A. Kažmierski

Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Geraldine Daisy Majesco


We took part show weekend in city Prilep with mother-daughter tandem after long break.

Herrieth Belinda Majesco - junior class 3xCAJC, 3xJBOB, Herrieth fullfilled all conditions for juniorchampion of Macedonia

Fariela Fuori - champion class, 3xres CAC.



IDS Macedonia

Here are fantastic results!!!

Don Dexigo Majesco TOP scottish terrier male 2nd place

Geraldine Daisy Majesco TOP scottish terrier female 4th place

Fariela Fuori TOP scottish terrier female 5th place

ICH GCH CH ClubCH Don Dexigo Majesco
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco
CH Fariela Fuori
Merry Christmas and happy New Year
Herrieth Belinda Majesco after grooming
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco

There are some new pohotos of scottish terriers Majesco. Author is Eva Mizerová (www.photoelfka.com). 

CH Fariela Fuori
ICH GCH CH ClubCH Don Dexigo Majesco
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco
ICH GCH CH ClubCH Don Dexigo Majesco
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco
ICH GCH CH Don Dexigo Majesco
Highlander Kayden Majesco
Highlander Kayden Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Hariska Satin Majesco
Fabulous day for kennel Majesco!
Our team did very good job. 18 from 20 entered scottish terriers were presented there.
females puppy class :
Herrieth Belinda Majesco VP1
Hariska Satin Majesco VP2 (owner Veronika Jarošová)
females intermediate cl. :
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco exc. 2, res. CAC
females champion cl.:
CH Fariela Fuori, exc. 2 res. CAC
males intermediate cl.
Gordic Ray Majesco , exc. 1, CAC, CC, Club Winner (owner Ing. Lucie Peterková )
males honour cl.:
GCH INT CH CCH BIS BIG Don Dexigo Majesco exc. 1, class winner.
Best breeding group II. place
Juniorhandling II. place (Šimon + Dexigo)
team Majesco
Best breeding group 2. place
Junior handling Šimon and Don Dexigo Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
Hariska Satin Majesco
Fariela Fuori
Gordiq Rey Majesco

JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco  - intermediate class, CAC, CAC ČMKU, National Winner, BOS, judge: A. Nowak-Patyniak (PL).

diploma and prize

JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco - intermediate class, exc.1, CC, Club Winner, judge: Vladimíra Tichá (main advisor for breed)

We are grateful Mrs. Tichá for many positive words about Daisy. Thank you for excellent critics.


judge critics and prize
Our team Dexigo, Ori, Daisy and Gordy did veery good job. Thank you judge Mrs Dolejšová and handler Anna Nováková for help. We spent pleasant time in good company.
Don Dexigo Majesco champ.cl. CAC, CAC ČMKU, National Winner, BOB
Gordiq Rey Majesco interm.cl. CAC, own. Lucie Peterková
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco interm.cl. res CAC
CH Fariela Fuori, champ.cl. CAC
And special meeting of baby twins Herrieth Belinda and Hariska Satin Majesco
Herrieth Belinda (right) and Hariska Satin Majesco
Majesco team with judge

Best day for my smiling boy "Dexigo" with best handler ever Eliška Kubínová. Judge: terrier specialist Gabriela Štursová 

Don Dexigo Majesco - honour class, exc.1, BOS, BIS 2 in honour finals (Philip O ´Brien, IRL)

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - v.g.


BIS II honour finals
17.7.2020 judge: terrier specialist Robert Kanás
Geraldine Daisy Majesco - intermediate class exc.1
CH Fariela Fuori - champion class - good (what to say: dogs have sometimes crisis too)
18.7.2020 IDS Nitradog, Slovakia. Judge terrier specialist Anka Cwieceková
Geraldine Daisy Majesco - intermediate class, CAC and CACIB
CH Fariela Fuori - champion class,  CAC and res CACIB.
My FRIENDS trhank you for BIG support!
CH Fariela Fuori
JCH Geraldine Daisy Majesco
Terrier specialty SKCHTaF Košice, Slovakia Judge: Tibor Havelka, Slovakia
Our tandem Dexigo & Daisy were represented by our kennel with great results 
Geraldine Daisy Majesco - junior class, Cassovia Winner, BOS, CC, Club winner and new Junior champion
Don Dexigo Majesco - champion class, Cassovia Winner, BOB, CC, Club winner
We didn ´t stay for finals due HOT weather.
Pleasant and sunny day at Club show Staňkov, Czech republic. Judge. Vladimíra Tichá ( head club advisor for breed)
Geraldine Daisy Majesco junior class, ex.2
Gordiq Rey Majesco- junior class, exc.2 (owner Lucie Peterková)
Both juniors got breeding licence in the Terrier Club Czech republic.


Geraldine Daisy Majesco and Gordiq Rey Majesco with owner
Geraldine Daisy Majesco
H litter puppies two months
H litter 2 months

                                                           Dream come true

                                           3 boys and 3 girls were born on 10th April 2020 (all black)

                                                             more in section " Puppies "

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - junior class, exc. 2, judge: P. Séman (SK)

Geraldine Daisy Majesco

24.1.2020 judge: ÖZKAN ALPAY (TR)

Fariela Fuori - open class, CAC

Gearldine Daisy Majesco - junior class, JCAC, JBOB

25.1.2020 judge: JOHANSSON KARL ERIK (SE)

Fariela Fuori - open class, CAC, Ori finished her champion of Slovakia

Gearldine Daisy Majesco - junior class, JCAC, JBOB

26.1.2020 judge: ZAĶE LIGITA (LV)

Gearldine Daisy Majesco - junior class, exc. 1


IDS Nitra, SK

Fariela Fuori - intermediate class, CAC, judge V. Tichá

Ori finished her title Czech champion

Geraldine Daisy Majesco, junior class, VG

Christmas wishes

Kennel Majesco was represented with Geraldine Daisy Majesco (junior class females), Gordiq Rey Majesco (junior class males), Fariela Fuori (open class) and Don Dexigo Majesco (honour class), best pairs and best breeding group in final competitions. Moreover we found 1. meeting with owners of our offspring living in Czech republic. And atmosphere was super. I must huge thanks to all owners of our offspring for fantastic care with big love. And there are our results:

Don Dexigo Majesco - class winner

Fariela Fuori - class winner

Gordiq Rey Majesco - class winner, JCC

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - VG 1

Don Dexigo and Geraldine Daisy Majesco - shortlisted among 6 best pairs

Don Dexigo, Geraldine Daisy and Gordic Ray majesco - BIS II. breeding group!!!!


Christmas club show

Wonderful weekend in Poland. Our trip almost 1800 km far from home ended with super results!

Fariela Fuori "Ori" gained in open class titles CWC, BOS and Best Adult Female. Ori completed her new title Polish CHAMPION!

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - first time in junior class gained first title JCAC.

Thanks very nice Christmas atmospere and judge Mr Andrzej Szutkiewitz (PL) we enjoyed this BIG DAY with pure joy.



judge Rainer Jacobs (D)

Fariela Fuori "ORI" - interm class CAC, res CACIB
Fayenne Fiesta "FIA" - interm class, res CAC, owner L. Samek
Geraldine Daisy Majesco "DAISY" - first time in puppy class, very promissing 1

I have to especially thank talented handler Eliška Kubínová who handled Ori freely with pure joy.

Geraldine Daisy Majesco
Fariela Fuori
Fariela Fuori
Fariela Fuori judge critics
Geraldine Daisy Majesco - judge critics

FARIELA FUORI - interm class both days with fantastic results.
2x CAC, 2xCACIB, 1x BOS, 1x BOB. Our huge thanks goes to specialist Robert Kanás (SK) and Walter Jungblut (D) for so nice critiques.

Duodanube 2.jpg

Fariela Fuori - interm class, CWC, judge Mr. Frnčo (CZ)


Fariela Fuori - interm class, CAC, CC, judge Juha Palosaari. Finland


Fariela Fuori - interm class, CWC, CACIB, BOS and Best female in breed! Judge G. Zhuk (BG)


IDS Wisla
22.6.2019 IDS Brno (CZ)

Fariela Fuori - intermediate class, CAC, res CACIB, judge: B. Ovesná (CZ)

Fariela Fuori - intermediate class, CAC, res CACIB, judge: R. Csik (DE)


Fariela Fuori "Ori" fulfiled all conditions for breeding licence when she self-competed in junior class with titles CAJC and CCJ. Judge: Gabi van Ruiten.


Today were born 2 boys and 2 girls, all black. Complete informations are in Puppies section.

puppies G litter

Fariela Fuori was entitled 2x exc. 1 and 2x CAJC in junior class both days and completed her first championship - junior champion of Czech republic. We are grateful to both judges Mrs. Lleton and Mr Jens Ruck for perfect judge critics.

JBOB competition
judge critics

Fariela Fuori - junior class, CAJC, JBOB, judge: P. Márová (CZ).

NDS Brno
judge critics
Marry Christmass and happy New Year 2019

Fariela Fuori "Ori" (Don Dexigo Majesco x April Majesco) won first place at puppy class (1/3) with title BOB PUPPY and EUROPEAN FUTURE. Big thanks goes to judge Bojan Matakovic. Ori followed her famous parents who are both European winners (VDH Europa show 2016 in Dortmund and Centenary European Dog Show 2011 in Leuwarden ). This day will be unforgettable.

EDS 2018

Fariela Fuori - puppy class, very promising 1, BOB puppy, shortlist BIS puppy. Judges: A. Daly (Ireland)- Marta Ciborowska - Kubiak final competitions.

BOB puppy

First show of Fariela Fuori finished very successfully. "Ori" was entitled by title very promising 1 and BEST PUPPY II in final competitions. We thanks a lot to judge Ladislav Frnčo!

BEST PUPPY 2. place

Don Dexigo is officially crowned by champion of Croatia.

CH Croatia

Don Dexigo Majesco is officially Club Champion! What a boy!


Don Dexigo Majesco - CACA, res CACIB, judge: Mr Rajic Branislav, Slovenia. Austrian Champion title confirmed!

CH Austria
Don Dexigo Majesco

Don Dexigo Majesco - CACA, BOS, CACIB, judge: Dr. P. Miegl (A)

IDS Wieselburg
IDS Wieselburg
Don Dexigo Majesco TOP 2 scottish terrier male 2017
photoshooting of puppies

Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, BOB, BIG III, judge: S. Shiapanis (CYP), finished champion of Serbia!

My Be Gran Prix - CAC, finished champion of Serbia!

BIG III Sombor
CH Serbia
CH Serbia
14.4.2018 NDS Osijek, Croatia

Don Dexigo Majesco, CAC, judge: T. Urek, finished champion of Croatia

Don Dexigo Majesco - res CAC, res CACIB, judge: B. Matakovič

My Be Gran Prix - CAC, CACIB

Don Dexigo Majesco
My Be Gran Prix

Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, CC, judge: E. Letáčková (CZ), finished Club champion

My Be Gran Prix - res CAC

Club show

Don Dexigo Majesco is oficially confirmed by International Champion of Beauty under FCI rules. We are very very proud for our smiling boy.

video of puppies 18 days
New champion in our kennel

Just arrived 3 girls and 1 boy, all black.

Father: Don Dexigo Majesco

Mother: April Majesco

13.1.2018 National show Brno, Czech republic

Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, CAC ČMKU, National Winner

My Be Gran Prix - very good 1, judge. R. Kanás (SK)

Dexigo and Nika got through among 6 best braces

Christmas greetings

My Be Gran Prix (Nika) - open class, exc. 1, judge O. Hrabáková (CZ). Nika obtained her breeding certificate.

My Be Gran Prix
Christmas tree
Christmas presents

Don Dexigo Majesco - champion class 3 place from 19 dogs entered!!!!!!!! We are over the moon!!!! Judge: Ilse Freerksen (DEU).

WDS certificate
WDS Leipzig 2017

My Be Gran Prix got titles res CAC, CAC, res CACIB from judges: I. Cannon (IRL) and A. Auerbach (CZ)

We lost our Ellie

Don Dexigo Majesco - CC, CAC, judge M. Štětinová

Don Dexigo Majesco

Don Dexigo Majesco - CWC, Best adult dog, CACIB, BOB, judge Tomas Borkowski. Dexigo fullfilled all conditions for title C.I.B.

Don Dexigo Majesco

Bari left the earthly world and soars with angels in infinity now. We love you forever.

Elis Wys-Tabasko

Amazing weekend with our smiling boy abroad.

Don Dexigo Majesco - 2x CWC, BOS and BOB, 1 x BIG I, 1x BIS!!!

Dexi successfully finished title of Polish champion!!!!!!

Don Dexigo Majesco
Don Dexigo Majesco

Don Dexigo Majesco - CC, RW, CW, Dexi fullfilled all conditions for Club champion, judge: Mrs. V. Tichá

Don Dexigo Majesco
18.2.2017    R.I.P. Nero Wolfe Bohemia Eldorado

Calvin Majesco - champion class, BOS and NEW Hungarian champion!!!!!! Judge B. Matakovic

PF 2017
PF 2017

Don Dexigo Majesco - champion class

11.12.2016 - CACA, res CACIB, judge Sissi Dollmann (A)

10.12.2016 CACA, judge Robert Kanás (SK)


9.9.2016 NDS Vukovar, judge: Saija Juutilainen (FI)

Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG 4

10.9.2016 IDS Osijek judge: S. Verstovšek-Matakovič (HR)

Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, CACIB, BOS, Crufts qualification

My Be Gran Prix - CAJC, JBOB, Crufts qualification

11.9.2016 IDS Osijek judge: B. Špoljarič

Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, CACIB, BOS


Calvin Majesco is officially registered as C.I.B.!!!

Calvin Majesco
5.9.2016 New champion in kennel
KfT diploma

Don Dexigo Majesco - CC, CW, RW, judge V. Tichá (CZ)


Don Dexigo Majesco - champion class, CWC, CACIB, BOB, BIG III !!!!. Ring judge: L. Siejkowski (PL), final competitions: P. Król (PL). 


"Ellie" Lucia´s Dream Summer Folly celebrates her 8. birthday today.


Calvin Majesco - champion class, 2xCAC, 2x BOB KfT/VDH, BEST SHORTLEGGED TERRIER and BEST IN SHOW !!!!!! (Saturday). Calvin fullfilled all condition for Champion KfT.

Don Dexigo Majesco - open class, 2x rec CAC KfT, 2x CAC VDH

We must thank both judges Agnieszka Nowak-Patyniak (PL) and Jens Ruck (A) for the highest appreciations and excellent judge critics of both boys.


Don Dexigo Majesco - CC. CW, RW, BIS 2 in final competitions, judges: M. Václavík (CZ), Maciej Kozbier (PL).


Don Dexigo Majesco is oficially registered as Czech champion.


Don Dexigo Majesco - CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge: H. Vojáčková (CZ)

Dexi fulfilled all conditions for Czech champion. We are so proud of our homebred boy!!

IDS České Budějovice
IDS České Budějovice

Don Dexigo Majesco - open class, CAC, judge: O. Hrabáková (CZ)

We trained Nika first time inside show ring.

NV Ostrava-1.jpg
NV Ostrava-2.jpg

Black female My Be Gran Prix comes from Olga Khalnenkova, Smolensk, Russia. We call her Nika. She enlarges our scottish pack with very promissing blood line builded on many famous Scottish terriers from UK, Finland and Russia.


It was great weekend when both homebred boys represented us with great results. We are honoured judge Mr Rainer Jacobs from Germany.

Calvin Majesco - CAC, CACIB, fullfilled all conditions for titles CZECH CHAMPION and C.I.B. !!!!!

Don Dexigo Majesco, CAC, res CACIB.


10.1.2016 Terrier Specialty OG Nürnberg, Germany, judge: R. Jacobs (DE) 

Don Dexigo Majesco - intermediate class, exc. 1, CAC (VDH)

Calvin Majesco - open class, exc. 2, res CAC (VDH)


9.1.2016 IDS Nürnberg, Germany, judge G van Stuiverberg (NL)

Don Dexigo Majesco - intermediate class, exc. 1, VDH

Calvin Majesco - open class, exc. 2, res VDH



evening walking in the city centre
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016
PF 2016.jpg

Bedy is proud Daddy of two boys who was born on Friday. Proud Mommy is Oprah Easter, owner Dragomir Sorin

Oprah x Bedy.jpg

Calvin Majesco is fully registered as Club champion of Czech terrier club now!!

diploma KCHT.jpg

Calvin Majesco - open class, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB, Crufts nominations. Judges: Walter Jungblut (D) and Sissi Dollmann (A)


Don Dexigo Majesco - intermediate clas - res CAC

Calvin Majesco - open class - CAC, CC, BOS, Club Winner and finnishing Club champion!!!!

Judge Gabriela Van Ruiten - Hajnová (NL)

klub winner KCHT.jpg

Don Dexigo Majesco - intermediate class, res CAC

Calvin "Bedy" Majesco - open class, CAC, res CACIB, judge: L. Beradze (CZ)

Bedy and Anet Nedavašková won Juniorhandling finals competitions despite of hot weather. We are over the Moon.


22.8.2015 German Winner 2015

Don Dexigo Majesco - intermediate class, exc. 2, res VDH, judge Dorota Witkowska (PL)

23.8.2015 International dog show Leipzig

Don Dexigo Majesco - intermediate class, exc. 3, judge Reinhart Ritz (D)


Don Dexigo Majesco is officially registered as Junior champion Germany (VDH)

VDH JCH diploma.jpg

Our both boys were exhibited the first time in intermediate and open clasess and they did very well.


Don Dexigo Majesco "Dexi"- CAC

Calvin Majesco "Bedy" - CAC, res CACIB. Judge: Mr Watschinger Heinz, Austria.


We have to thank to Iva Králová Iva for handling of Bedy in CACIB competitions.

Bedy was the first time as a dog model for nine year old junior handler Ivanka (Manon Lescaut kennel).Both advanced to shortlist among six best junior handlers. He was incredible I was surprised how he was attentive. I really enjoyed him. It was HIS BIG DAY.


This regional meeting of scottish terrier owners and breeders held this weekend.


Our Ada was oficially registered as Champion International de Beaute!

ICH Ada.jpg

Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, excellent, judge: Margaret Herd (UK).

We have to thank to Jaroslav Strnad (Hannah Moravia) for precise handling of our Dexi.


Don Dexigo Majesco is officially registered as KfT-Jugendchampion in Germany!


What was fantastic day! We successfully represented our kennel with both boys.


Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, CAJC, JBOB VDH/KfT, Europajugendsieger 2015

Dexi finished both titles of juniorchampion of Germany VDH/KfT!!!!


Calvin Majesco intermediate class, res CAC (shifted CAC), res CACIB VDH/KfT vice Europasieger 2015.

Calvin Dortmund 2015
Don Dexigo Dortmund 2015
9.5.2015 Regional terrier show Hlučín, Czech republic

Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, CCJ. Dexi was registered as stud dog by national Terrier breeders` Club.

We spent amazing weekend in Chemnith where International dog show and terrier specialty met. Both boys were shown in junior and intermediate classes with fantastic results

19.4.2015 OG Dresden KfT Show, judge S. Dollmann, Austria

Calvin Majesco - intermediate class, exc.1, CAC VDH/KfT

Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, CAJC, JBOB, BOB, JBIG 1. place (judge S. Dollmann), Best short-legged terrier of specialty 2. place (judge P. Król)!!!

Dexi is Junior champion KfT now!!!!

18.4.2015 International dog show, judge: T. Himmrich, Germany

Calvin Majesco- intermediate class, exc.1, 3rd best male

Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, CAJC VDH/KfT    

Chemnitz 2.jpg

Happy Easter

Happy Easter wishes kennel Majesco

7.3.2015 Club show České Budějovice

Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, CAJC, CCJ, BOJ
Calvin Majesco - intermediate class, CAC, CC
Judge specialist Mrs Vladimíra Tichá (CZ)

7.2. - 8.2.2015 Double terrier specialty Germany

21. Terrier Special Show, Chemnitz/Reinsberg, Germany, 7.2.2015, judge: Nemanja Jovanovic,
Don Dexigo Majesco, junior class, exc. 1, CAJC, Junior BOB
Calvin Majesco, intermediate class - exc., CAC7. Erzgebirgs - Special Terrier Show, 8.2.2015, Chemnitz/Reinsberg, Germany, judge: Zita Kotlas
Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, exc.1, CAJC, Junior BOB and BOB.
Calvin Majesco - intermediate class - exc., CAC.

10.-11.1.2015 Wintershow Slovakia

Calvin Majesco 2x exc. 1, 2x CAC, judges: Mr Havelka, Mr Bučko (both SK)
Our Bedy finished all conditions for title Champion of Slovakia

3.1.2015 National Dog Show Brno

Calvin Majesco - intermediate class, CAC
Don Dexigo Majesco - junior class, CAJC, BOJ
Judge: Mrs. Marsalova

PF 2015

We wish to all our friends Happy, Successful and Healthy New Year 2015.
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