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4.6.2021 National dog show Brno (CZ)

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Sunny day with our girls Geraldine Daisy Majesco, Herrieth Belinda Majesco and boys Gordiq Rey Majesco and Highlander Kayden Majesco.  All competed in their classes with nice results. We are thankfull judge specialist Mrs Vladimíra Tichá a owner of both boys Mrs Lucie Peterková for participation there.

Geraldine Daisy Majesco - interm class, CAC

Herrieth Belinda Majesco - junior class, CAJC, Best junior

Highlander Kayden Majesco - junior class, CAJC

Gordiq Rey Majesco - open class, CAC


Geraldine Daisy Majesco
Herrieth Belinda Majesco
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