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5.7.2023 Terrier Specialty Prostějov (CZ)

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Another very important terrier show for our future with processing of the breeding certificate. 

Brueik Reach for the Star - junior class, CAJC, JBOB, CCJ, Junior Winner of the Specialty and BOS, Jeremiah accomplished all regulations of the Terriern Club and got breding certificate of the KCHT !!!!!!

Jazz and Soul Majesco - Jazz got breeding certificate too!!!!!!

iriska Moonlight Majesco - champion class, res CAC (CAC)

Don Dexigo Majesco - veteran class, CCV, Best veteran, Veteran Winner of the Specialty, Dexigo finished Veteran Club champion!!!!!

Our big thanks belong to young handler Ester Mihalekova who handled with big proffesionalism our dogs as in rings as in finals competitions. 

Another big thanks belong to family Olšovští for excellent care for our brindle boy Jazz.


Ester and Jeremiah
rosettes and prizes
Jazz and Soul Majesco
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